The Artist

Mixed Media Artist


I am a mixed media artist specializing in abstract collage and acrylic painting.  Raised in New Jersey, I lived in Boston and Los Angeles prior to moving to Portland in 1991, where I lived for 22 years. I currently reside in Washington, DC.  I have pursued artistic interests all of my life, and while I am largely self-taught, I have taken many classes and workshops over the years where I was exposed to the techniques and design concepts that form the basis of much of my work.

My early interest in the design of the man-made environment led me to pursue a master’s degree in Urban Design and Community Development at MIT. While working in the urban transit and planning field for over 25 years, I engaged in a parallel pursuit of art. Since 1999 I have been a full-time artist, teaching and showing my own work in exhibitions on both the east and west coasts, in addition to providing consultant services to nonprofit arts organizations, arts festivals and acting as director of a creative reuse center.

Artist Statement

The primary inspiration for my art is creating a visual expression of the elements of life that connect us as human beings. I am most drawn to themes addressing cultural integration, how we define ourselves in relation to others, and biases that cause misunderstanding. I approach each piece differently – sometimes with a specific idea or subject, other times as an experiment in texture, color and design.  In executing a piece of art I often use cultural motifs, symbols, text and related representations of ethnic, religious and racial identity. None of us can claim to be pure anything – we are only the latest version of millennia of mixing, matching, migrating and mingling. Whatever the inspiration, I layer materials both literally and figuratively, to provide and depth and dimension because I believe these elements reflect the richness of the fabric of life, and allow me to construct my own contemporary interpretation of timeless themes.